{{Location Review}} Natural Bridge Caverns in San Antonio/New Braunfels, Texas

03 May, 2015

Last summer I signed up to do the Discovery tour of the Natural Bridge Caverns in New Braunfels/San Antonio, Texas. You can see the original post about the Caverns here. We were able to finally do the tour yesterday(2, May 2015).

(Our FREE tickets for the Discover Tour)

When we were approaching the road to the caverns we were greeted with this sign, all three of my children let out squeals of delight because we REALLY WERE finally there! lol

We got to the Caverns right at 9am when they opened & they were already starting to get busy. I went up to the ticket counter and told the girl who I was and that my name was on the guest list & proceeded to hand her my ID. After she confirmed that I was indeed on the list, I was given free tickets for myself, my husband and our three children.

Our tour wasn't set to depart until 9:15 am, so I took that chance to take a few pictures of the inside, as well as one of 2 of the girls who worked in the gift shop area(after I got their permission to take their photo to put it on my blog!) You will find these photos below.

(Visitor's Center)

(Girls in the gift shop)
The gift shop is bigger than what is shown, there were several people in there...so I only took these two pictures.

There is also a food court area with a huge sit down dining area, but there were people in there as well, so I didn't take pictures.

Now, on to the outside! 

This is a semi view of the "Natural Bridge". I thought it was gorgeous w/ the sun shining down. I had been sad that my mom wasn't here with us to go(not that she would have been able to walk it), and then I saw the sun beams & felt that she was there with us. 

Once you go outside to the pavilion area, you will see this sign.

Once your guide arrives and everyone is ready to start the tour...you start the walk! 

About to enter the Cavern, but first you have to go over the rules, and hear about that natural bridge again, and about how the caverns got it's name(from the "natural bridge"). :-) 

Once we entered the cavern you are told more about that portion of the cavern, and there is something called a "touching stone", and they tell you that you can only touch that one particular stone and get it out of your system so that you won't touch any other part of the cavern, because the oils on our skin can do damage to them. I didn't get a picture of that stone though, because everyone else was in the way touching it. I did get a picture of this though. 

Now, on to the actual caverns! Once you step through the "Humidity doors"...it starts getting warm. lol And your hair can/will get frizzy..so be prepared! The going down part and there stairs weren't that bad part, it's the incline going back up! The incline was rough. lol You def get a workout that's for sure...but it's all worth it because you get to see the gorgeous natural caverns! 

Tickets are $20.99 for adults(12 & up), and $12.99 for children(3-11). Not too bad, because if you think about it if you go to an amusement park you will end up paying more than that, and here at the Natural Bridge Caverns you see natural beauty & learn something while you are there! 

The Discovery Tour departs every 40 minutes, or sooner throughout the day
Tour duration: 75 minutes
Walking distance: 3/4 mile (1.20 km) INCLUDES STAIRS.
Tour depth: 180 ft. (54.86 m)

Now, here are a few of our fav pictures from the tour!.

I did start to have a small anxiety attack once it sunk in that we were pretty deep underground, but I pushed through it and I was okay after a few mins. Now that we've been to the Natural Bridge Caverns and I know what to expect, I would def go there again in a heartbeat! Have you ever been to these Caverns? 

I received free passes for myself and my family from the US. Family Guide & The Natural Bridge Caverns in exchange for my honest review. I was NOT required to post a positive review & all of the opinions expressed are 100% my own. 

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