MEIGO Dominoes/Shape Puzzle/Building Blocks (32PCS)

03 November, 2018

 *Disclaimer* I received this item free or at a discounted price. All opinions are my own.

I absolutely love these dominoes because they aren’t just dominoes....they are also a shape puzzle with two incomplete figures in one side of the domino, you can match them one by one to form a complete figure chain

They also serve as a matching game. My favorite way to play with dominoes as a child was the domino racing game. You set them up in a row,and them push one and watch the chain effect make all of the dominoes tumble over

Lastly, this set can be used as building blocks! These whole set is made non-toxic wood, BPA free, Lead free, & Phthalate free. The wood is smooth and has rounded edges.

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