Movie Review: My Brother's Keeper

17 March, 2021

MY BROTHER'S KEEPER shares the story of returning war veteran SFC Travis Fox (TC Stallings) who has one more battle to fight - PTSD. Fox and his best friend SFC Ron “Preach” Pearcy (Joey Lawrence) are in their 6th combat deployment when Preach and his entire Ranger platoon are killed in a deadly IED attack. Travis returns to his hometown to settle the affairs of his parents who had passed away years before. In searching for answers about his parents, he also stumbles upon a new obstacle in PTSD. He finds support from church counselor Tiffany Robertson (Keshia Knight-Pulliam) and slowly begins to rediscover his faith in God, until he discovers a secret that threatens his new-found beliefs, uncovers his guilt, and causes him to consider the unthinkable.


*My Review*
This was a good movie overall, good storyline. There was a bit of over acting. As far as PTSD is concerned, my husband suffers from it and I have seen it in person for the last 10 years. In comparison to the movie with that aspect the PTSD acting outward appearance was a bit over dramatized and doesn't always happen in the manor portrayed in the movie.

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